• Counsel to Federations and Sporting Leagues
  • Complete advice for sports clubs and public limited companies involved in sports
  • Employment contracts, agreements for temporary transfers and permanent transfers of professional sportsmen and women and amateurs
  • Drug taking
  • Sporting events
  • Commercial exploitation of the image rights of sportsmen and women, broadcast rights and sponsorship
  • Taxation for sportspeople
  • Arbitration proceedings for the Tribunal Español de Arbitraje Deportivo (Spanish Tribunal of Sports Arbitration) and the Tribunal Arbitral de Deporte (TAS) (Arbitration Tribunal for Sport)
  • Claims to the Financial Fair Play Control Body of the UEFA
  • Claims to the Dispute Resolution Chamber of the FIFA
  • Appeals before the Committee of Sports Discipline and also before the Committee of Jurisdiction of Conflicts of the RFEF
  • Relations between sporting clubs and federations