Company Name: Juárez Veciana SLP
Registered Office: C/ Ferrán Agulló Nº 18 6ª (08021) Barcelona
CIF: B-60450251
Phone no.: 934 143 060


The current Personal Data Protection Policy aims to guarantee an appropriate protection for all personal data provided by our clients, suppliers and webpage users, as well as summarize how we process these data in a clear, easy and transparent way.


The current Data Protection Policy shall be applicable to:

  • Users who are interested in and/or apply for information about the services provided by Juárez Veciana Abogados SLP.
  • Those who voluntarily communicate with Juarez Veciana Abogados SLP through the different forms that are established in the present website, as well as through e-mail, telephone or any other way.
  • People that enter into a contractual relationship with Juárez Veciana Abogados SLP
  • Users that provide any kind of information to be considered as personal at any time whenever they access to this website.
  • Those who provide any kind of service to Juárez Veciana Abogados SLP
  • Those who give their express consent to their data processing by Juárez Veciana Abogados SLP.


While you are providing us with your data through this website’s forms, you must know that every blank field included is mandatory. Not providing certain information considered as mandatory could carry the risk of failure in attending and/or providing our services.

When you provide us with your personal data you also guarantee that you are of legal age and that these are true, exact, complete and up to date, being responsible of any damage or perjury, direct or indirect, that could occur as a consequence of the non-compliance of such duty. In order to process personal data from underage children we must possess a previous authorization or consent from the entitled parents, guardians or legal representatives, who shall be responsible for them.

If any personal data come from a third party, they shall guarantee that previously you have been provided with the current Privacy Policy, as well as, in this case, they have obtained your consent.


Juárez Veciana Abogados SLP collects and processes personal data, automatically and/or automated, with the following purposes:

  • Manage consultations, demands and information requests, mainly related to services provided by Juárez Veciana Abogados SLP, received through the
  • Apply for a job and value suitability of your candidacy in case you shall apply to one of our selection processes.
  • Send electronic communications related to our services regarding legal advice and counseling, events run by Juárez Veciana Abogados SLP or legal developments that could be of your interest.
     In respect of the previous purposes, legal foundation for data processing will be the express consent that you shall provide us.
  • Ensure the realization of legal and/or accounting services by Juárez Veciana Abogados SLP, as well as related actions like administrative, billing or collection management tasks, or compliance with our fiscal obligations.
  • Manage the commercial relationship with our different providers, as well as such accessory actions as meeting programming, administration, billing, collection management or compliance with our fiscal obligations.
     In respect of the previous purpose, legal foundation for data processing will be the execution of the contract or the application on your demand of precontractual measures.
  • Comply with applicable laws that lay on Juárez Veciana SLP, including analysis and detection of any kind or fraudulent or illegal action.
  • In respect of the previous purpose, legal foundation for data processing will be to comply with the applicable law at Juárez Veciana SLP.

In any case, we shall not perform decisions exclusively automated that shall affect you in any way.


Juárez Veciana SLP will keep your data the needed amount of time in order to serve the purposes for which they were collected, that are, specifically:

Purpose Conservation Period
Inquiries, requisitions, information requests Time needed to manage that data
CV’s reception and assessments During the selection process
Informative communications related to our services, events or legal depelopments As long as you do not request the deletion of the data (revocation of consent)
Execution of purchased services Throughout the lifetime of the contract and for a period of 5 years in order to meet any subsequent obligation, consultation or claim.
Providers relstioship management Throughout the lifetime of the contract and for a period of 5 years in order to meet any subsequent obligation, consultation or claim.
Compliance of legal obligations (commercial, tax, prevention of money-laundering) Throughout the required terms by the applicable law
Professional contact data As long as you do not request the deletion of the data (revocation of consent)

If your data are used for several purposes that involve different conservation periods we shall apply the longest conservation period. In any case we shall restrict the access and its use to the specific purposes needed at every moment.


For the purpose of implementing the points mentioned above it is possible that, in the framework of current regulations and in the context of the relationship we shall have with you, Juárez Veciana SLP shall notify to the following:

  • Courts and Tribunals, Arbitral Courts and/or mediators; Registries and other public institutions; Notaries; Solicitors; Law Enforcement (in defense of your needs)
  • Communication with opposing side or perpetrator of rights
  • Banks and Financial entities for payment for the services provided

Personal data can be also communicated to particular service providers (Entrusted with the processing) so they can process them in the name of and in behalf of Juárez Veciana SLP under our instructions in order to comply the indicated purposes. In this case we shall adopt the needed contractual measures so that the ones entrusted with the processing respect and protect all the interested parties personal data. Among them we shall find the following categories of service providers: IT services, document destruction, legal management software.


JUAREZ VECIANA SLP is committed to adopt security measures both technical and organisational legally established that guarantee the safety of the personal data and avoid their non-authorised alteration, loss, processing or access, in view of the state of technology, the nature of the stored data and the risks they shall be exposed of, all in accordance with the applicable law.

Similarly, JUÁREZ VECIANA ABOGADOS SLO guarantees professional secrecy regarding those personal data to which access is provided in order to comply their provision of services, during its provision and at the end of it, demanding the same commitment to all members of its organisation.


We inform you that you can address Juárez Veciana SLP for free and at any time to exercise any of the following rights:

Right of access: You shall ask us which data we are processing about you and the processing characteristics we are undertaking.
Right to data portability: Each time Juárez Veciana SLP process your data through automated means based on your consent or on a contract, you shall have the right to own a copy of your data in a structured, common use and machine-readable format transferred to your name or to a third party. In that copy you shall find only the data you would have provided.
Right to rectification: You shall request the modification in your data if those are false or inaccurate.
Right to request the restriction of the processing of your data, in which case we would only keep them for the exercise or defense of claims.
Right to object: You shall request us to stop processing your data, unless there were compelling legitimate grounds, or the exercise or defense of possible claims.
Regarding processing based under your consent, you may revoke it at any time, through a communication sent to the following e-mail address.
Yo may exercise your rights at any time, without charge, by contacting us through the following address: C/ Ferrán Agulló Nº 18 6ª (08021) Barcelona (Spain) or sending us an e-mail to: indicating the right you wish to exercise and your personal particulars attached (copy of the ID Card) so we can identify you.
We will comply with your demands as soon as possible and in any case in less than a month from the date of your request. This period of time may expand another two months in case it shall be needed, having in mind the complexity and the number of requests. Should that be the case, Juárez Veciana SLP would conveniently inform you about it in one month since the date of your request.
Therefore, if at any time you may have any doubts concerning the aforementioned rights, the content in this privacy policy or any other inquiry regarding the use we give to your personal data, as well as if you believe that we are processing them in an incorrect way, you may contact us at the indicated e-mail address. In any case, you may also file a claim before the Spanish Protection Data Agency (Agencia Española de Protección de Datos) the moment you consider that Juárez Veciana Abogados SLP has violated the previous rights aknowledged by the applicable law in data protection.


Juárez Veciana SLP reserves the right to modify the terms of this privacy policy at any time and in its sole discretion. Consequently, we recommend that you check the content of this privacy policy every time you access it in order to know possible changes and updates.

Last update: September 2018.